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Who ZH are?Dongguan Zhonghui Precision Die Casting Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2009 as a casting manufacturer in Dongguan of China,  we specialize in the production of short run and high volume almunium alloy die castings,zinc alloy die casting and cnc machining.
As an ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001 certified manufacturer, ZH supplies parts to some of the world’s largest and most respected OEM manufacturers, including FOXCONN、 Airspan、 ORACLE、JUNIPER、Alnan、SAGERAN、 and more. We also have extensive experience working with medium- sized corporations, small businesses, and even start-ups. Our management team has over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and we are proud to serve as our customers’ end-to-end manufacturing partner. 
We have found success by focusing on the 4 pillars of operations management: quality, costs, service, and lead times.

What ZH do?

Machining services, CNC Milling Services, CNC Turning Services, Precision Machining Service, Presure die casting (Zinc alloy Hot Chamber Die Casting, Aluminium alloy Cold Chamber Die Casting), Surface Finishes, (Such as: Polishing, Brushing, Bead Blasting, Grinding, Shout blasting, Alodine, Powder Coating, Painting, Phosphating, Anodizing, Electroplating, Chrome, Dispensing, Silk screen, Part Marking) Assembly operations.

  • 15
    Manufacturing experience
  • 2009
    Established in 2009
  • 4
    4 pillars of operations management

Why you choose ZH?

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Quality is our commitment to each customer

We manage all of our production services in-house and have a robust quality management program so every good we make has our stamp of approval.
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Rapid Prototyping and Production

We expedite your product development from prototyping to production through CNC machining process. Enabling faster iterations and reduced time-to-market.
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 Professional technical team support

ZH provied DFM Analysis Support. We have three engineers who have worked in the die-casting industry for more than ten years. They are very familiar with the product mold design, die-casting, post-processing, surface treatment and other processes.
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 Save your money and time

We can provide CLIENTS with small batch trial production, which is convenient for customers to do market research. This operation method greatly reduces product development time and cost. Once the product is formed, we can greatly reduce the product cost and shorten the production cycle through the die casting.
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Give you the best price but not the cheapest

High-quality products and services doomed the price of the product is not the cheapest, but it is absolutely reasonable.
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We work closely with our CLIENTS, focusing on clear, complete communication and the belief that being your partner is a total team concept.


Casting Equipment:

2 – 88 Ton LK Zinc Hot chamber Die Cast Machines
1 – 138 Ton RUIDA Zinc Hot chamber Die Cast Machines
1 – 280 Ton LK Aluminum cold chamber Die Cast Machine
1 – 300 Ton HAITIAN Aluminum cold chamber Die cast machine
1 – 400 Ton Aluminum cold chamber Die Cast Machine 
1 – 500 Ton TOYO Aluminum cold chamber Die Cast Machine
1 – 800 Ton LK Aluminium cold chamber Die Cast Machine
1 – 1100 Ton UB Aluminum cold chamber Die Cast Machine (Fully Automatic)
1 – 1650 Ton YIZUMI Aluminum cold chamber Die Cast Machine

Stamping equipment

3 – SNI-60 Stamping Machines
1 – HY Hydraulic press

Testing equipment

1- 3.0 coordinate measure machine
1- 2.5 coordinate measure machine
1- Digital altitude gauge
1- Oxford Spectrometer
1- ROHS x-ray fluorescence analyzer
1- Salt spray rest
1- Tensile machine
3- Colorimeter
3- Coating thickness gauge
4- Glossmeter
8- Vernier caliper
6- Tooth gauge
6- R-gauge
6- Block gauge
4- Pin gauge
4- Smooth ring gauge
10- Micrometer

Surface Finishes machines

15 – CNC millings and CNC turning machines
2 – Lathes Machines
6 – Table driller machines
8 – Polishing sand belt machines
2 - Automatic Sand Blasting machines
2 - Manual Sand Blasting Machines
2 – Automatic Magnetic grinding lines