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Aluminum extrusion shell compared with aluminum die casting shell each has its own advantages

2024-04-30 16:23:44

Compared with aluminum die-casting enclosure, aluminum profile enclosure has its own advantages. Aluminum enclosure is made of aluminum alloy. It is widely used in the electronics industry and generally includes aluminum profile housing and aluminum die casting housing.

(1) Aluminum profile shell

Aluminum profile shell is a shell made of aluminum profile processed by aluminum drawing. It is highly flexible and can be cut at any depth. Generally there are circuit board slots inside. It can be inserted directly into the circuit board without repeating. The fixity and convenience are incomparable to other types of enclosures, but the aluminum profile enclosure is generally less waterproof and is not suitable for use in the field and harsh environments.

Scope of application: car computers, amplifiers, receivers, instruments, RF, laser lights, inverters, rectifiers, electronic components, shielding boxes, controllers, transmitters, amplifiers, PCB circuit boards, radios, GPS, mobile power, communications, and so on!

Aluminum profile mold process characteristics: Aluminum profiles are very complex, especially ultra-high precision thin-walled hollow profiles and multi-hole hollow profiles, requiring special mold structure. The section thickness changes drastically, the related size is complex, and there are many rounded corners, which brings a lot of trouble to the processing and heat treatment of the mold.

The processing process of extrusion mold is different from the general mechanical manufacturing process, but is a special process with great difficulty and wide coverage. There are reasonable processing technology.

(2) Aluminum die-casting shell

Aluminum die-casting shell adopts one-time die-casting molding technology, waterproof and explosion-proof, suitable for on-site use, but the price is high, flexibility is low, and can only achieve changes in size by modifying the mold.

Scope of application: home appliances, medical, instrumentation, automotive, electronics, radar, television, aerospace, hardware, daily necessities.

Aluminum die casting mold process characteristics: aluminum die casting mold in a certain high-pressure conditions quickly filled in the die casting die row cavity, and under a certain pressure quickly cooled. Die casting process is the die casting alloy die casting machine of the three die casting production elements of the organic combination and utilization of the process.

Aluminum die casting mold has the advantages of high precision, low surface roughness value, high material utilization rate. Not only can manufacture complex shape, clear contour, thin wall, deep cavity metal parts, but also other materials can be directly embedded in the die casting. Help save valuable materials and processing. Therefore, the die casting organization is dense, high strength and hardness, high productivity. However, die castings often have porosity and oxide inclusions, not suitable for small batch production, die casting size is limited, die casting alloy type is limited.