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Zinc-aluminum alloy die casting die pulling cause analysis and preventive measures

2024-05-03 16:23:44
As we all know, in the die casting process, whether it is aluminum alloy or zinc alloy die casting there will be pulling the mold phenomenon, not only increase the defect rate of the product, but also make the production efficiency of die casting is impeded, then zinc and aluminum die casting die casting appeared to pull the mold phenomenon of the reason is what?
1. There is damage on the surface of the cavity (collapse or burst).
2. The slope of demolding direction is too small or inverted.
3. Unbalanced ejection and crooked top.
4. casting temperature is too high and mold temperature is too high, resulting in alloy liquid sticking.
5. Bad effect of mold release agent.
6. Aluminum, gold composition iron content is low dry 0.6%.
7. Cavity rough and not smooth, mold hardness is low.

Preventive measures: 

1. Repair the broken parts of the mold surface, correct the slope of the mold release, improve the hardness of the mold (HRC45°~48°), improve the mold finish.
2. Adjust the top bar so that the top bar is balanced.
3. Replace the mold release agent with good mold release effect.
4. Adjust the iron content of the alloy.
5. Reduce the pouring temperature, control the mold temperature stable and balanced.
6. Adjust the direction of inner gate to avoid direct impact of metal liquid on core and wall.